Stretch Film

Categories we offer:

Pre Stretch Film

  • Folded edge technology to protect the rolled edges from cuts or damage while dropping or during pallet wrapping process
  • Greater holding force and good cling features for better load stability
  • Superior puncture resistance especially at sharp corners
  • Use less film due to less neck down
  • Stretches 20-30%
  • Lighter weight rolls to reduce worker fatigue and other work related injuries

High Performance Film

  • High clarity with superior puncture resistance
  • Stretching between 50-100%
  • Excellent costs saving per pallet wrap
  • Co-extrusion via multi-layers cast lines utilizing latest premium resin
  • The down gauge films possess unrivalled benefits compared to conventional films due to it cost-saving benefits through the use of less film to wrap each pallet

Conventional Machine Film

  • Specific for light to heavy loads which require film to be enveloping at uneven corners, good holding force for load stability and good clarity for bar coding
  • For applications in low to high rpm turntable wrappers, high speed rotating arm and ring wrappers with suggested pre-stretch between 200~300%
  • Used for high speed power stretch wrappers

High Performance Machine Film

  • Specific for light to heavy loads which require strong holding force
  • High clarity for bar coding, strong puncture resistance and excellent load stability
  • The higher pre-stretch percentage provides more cost savings than standard film due to its lower film cut weight cost.

Specialty Films

  • Post Consumer Recycled Films (PCR)-We are now pleased to offer a new stretch film that is 30% recycled resin and 70% virgin resin to be more environmentally friendly
  • Extended Core
  • Banding Film
  • Vented
  • Window Protection
  • Laundry Wrap
  • Color & UVI

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